Client Comments: “More Vigorous Growth, Better Bloom and Set”

“The California Olive Oil industry really began its rapid growth with the advent of Super High Density Planted (SHDP) Semi-Dwarf olive trees in 1999. However, as the plantings grew, we quickly learned that olive trees are EVERGREEN trees.

Thus, any cold weather event in the winter can dramatically affect bud development and the resultant crop the next fall. In a few cases, growers lost trees and in extreme cases opted to “push” their olives and re-plant a more cool weather tolerant crop.

“Anti-transpirants” have been around for a while, but none seemed to be able to protect olive trees during a cold event.

Last spring I became aware of “Moisturin.” I introduced the “Moisturin” Principal, Andriya Glessner, to many of my SHDP growers. Last Fall several growers who had been the most affected by cold weather purchased “Moisturin” and applied it as directed.

While we did not have as many or severe cold weather events this winter, the growers who had applied the “Moisturin” had the most vigorous growth this spring and appear to have the best “bloom” and “set” as well.

I’m excited to see the result crop during harvest this fall. It appears that we have a solution to our olive tree cold weather woes!”