About Us: Helping Reduce Water Use in Plants With Antitranspirants

Former Wellplant executive Andriya, now with ConserveAwaterStay Green and Spend Less Green!

Former Wellplant executive Andriya Glessner now operates ConserveAwater. Featuring products originally marketed by Wellplant, ConserveAwater helps growers, farmers, landscapers and gardeners keep their plants healthy.

With drought and water conservation becoming increasingly of interest today, products like Moisture-Loc (formerly Moisturin) and Root-Drench (formerly Root-Zone) help reduce water usage in plants and crops.

For most farmers and other commercial growers facing water shortages, this means radical changes in how and what they grow. For individuals and organizations with lawns and landscaping, it means learning to do things differently, such as replacing the type of greenery in their installations—or removing it entirely.

Carrying on the Wellplant Tradition, Our Mission is…

To reduce water consumption in turf, plants, trees and crops while enhancing their health, beauty and production.

ConserveAwater works with all producers whose business requires irrigation in arid zones and agricultural water conservation. Thanks to Root-Drench and Moisture-Loc, ConserveAwater helps growers cut transpiration losses, water usage and irrigation costs. For golf courses, it cuts the frequency of lawn mowing too, which gives you still greater savings.

Carrying on the Wellplant tradition, ConserveAwater was founded in 2015 to meet the increasing needs of water conservation due to climate change. ConserveAwater exists to help landscapers, nursery, orchard and golf course managers, gardeners and farmers in California and other arid areas save water.

As a crusader for water conservation, company founder Andriya Glessner offers consulting services on the use of water-saving products for agriculture and landscaping. In recent years, for example, she has consulted with California’s olive growers on ways to improve water efficiency in their industry.

Andriya is highly knowledgeable about water-conservation plant products and how they can help minimize drought impact on plants as California works to cope with the growing water shortage.

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Client Comments

“100% Success with Trees for Transplant and Transportation”

“Here at Vecchio Trees we specialize in specimen trees for landscape purposes. Through our process we have incorporated the use of Root-Drench and Moisture-Loc into our regular routine. These products are used on deciduous, brood leaf, and evergreen trees for transplant and transportation, and all have had 100% success.

Our company often ships trees into Texas and Florida, which can be 5-7 days without water on a truck through different climates. With the use of this product, the trees arrive on-site to our customers in great condition and no dryness. At tradeshows our product is featured in an enclosed building and left without water for multiple days.

By applying this product before we ship, our trees are showcased beautifully with no leaf drop and/or discoloration the entire time. We have harvested Quercus Lobatas (oak trees) in 100 degree temperature and applied this product and then shipped to our customer 90 days later.

We had no leaf shatter or shock as a result from the product usage. At Vecchio Trees, we have encouraged our clients to continue using Root-Drench and Moisture-Loc once it has arrived on-site. Our belief and success in this product has allowed us to further our business.

As part of our tree warranty, we have created a package that contains Root-Drench and Moisture-Loc in a ready-to-use application. Without the purchase of this package, we will not warranty our trees. Our success has proved that this [former Wellplant] product really does work.”

—Paul McCauley, General Manager, Vecchio Trees