Moisture-Loc PLUS: Stronger when You Need Even Greater Effectiveness

Moisture-Loc PLUS…

Why it’s Even Better!

  • 30% More Polymer

  • Higher Dilution Rates
    = Cost Savings

  • Unrivaled Amounts of Solids for Maximum Coverage

Like Moisture-Loc, Moisture-Loc PLUS is a water-based polymer coating which creates a semi-permeable elastic membrane that reduces moisture loss in plants during extreme climate conditions.

The membrane is gas permeable and remains flexible, enabling the plant to continue normal stomatic and growth activities.

But Moisture-Loc PLUS is more concentrated, and delivers more protection than even the standard product.

Client Comments

“Olivi Nursery is a California Nursery specializing in olive trees for landscape and agricultural industries. We provide a myriad of olive trees depending on what fits a project, terrain or landscape criteria.

Olivi Nursery ships thousands of young olive trees across the country annually. Our trees are sprayed with Moisture-Loc (formerly Moisturin) prior to transport.

This product has given our trees great advantage in arriving at their new location in great shape and providing them with a healthy start.”

—Umberto Chironi Lubelli, General Manager, Olivi Nursery, LLC

“I used the Moisture-Loc product as directed in the fall one time, as our winter was not that hard this year. I am very happy with the results. My hollies look great, and I saved a lot of time not having to wrap the trees in burlap and use a ladder to do so.”

—Gary Freiberger, Holly Grower