Customer Reviews of ConserveAwater Products

Not Having to Wrap the Roots Saved a Lot of Time

“I used the Moisture-Loc product as directed in the fall one time, as our winter was not that hard this year. I am very happy with the results. My hollies look great, and I saved a lot of time not having to wrap the trees in burlap and use a ladder to do so.” 

—Gary Freiberger, Holly Grower

More Vigorous Growth, Better Bloom and Set

“The California Olive Oil industry really began its rapid growth with the advent of Super High Density Planted (SHDP) Semi-Dwarf olive trees in 1999. However, as the plantings grew, we quickly learned that olive trees are EVERGREEN trees.

Thus, any cold weather event in the winter can dramatically affect bud development and the resultant crop the next fall. In a few cases, growers lost trees and in extreme cases opted to “push” their olives and re-plant a more cool weather tolerant crop.

“Anti-transpirants” have been around for a while, but none seemed to be able to protect olive trees during a cold event.

Last spring I became aware of “Moisture-Loc.” I introduced the “Moisture-Loc” Principal, Andriya Glessner, to many of my SHDP growers. Last Fall several growers who had been the most affected by cold weather purchased “Moisture-Loc” and applied it as directed.

While we did not have as many or severe cold weather events this winter, the growers who had applied the “Moisture-Loc” had the most vigorous growth this spring and appear to have the best “bloom” and “set” as well.

I’m excited to see the result crop during harvest this fall. It appears that we have a solution to our olive tree cold weather woes!”

—Carl Nelson, Field Operations, Cubby Farming, LLC and Field Manager, Corto Olive

100% Success with Trees for Transplant and Transportation

“Here at Vecchio Trees we specialize in specimen trees for landscape purposes. Through our process we have incorporated the use of Root-[Drench and Moisture-Loc into our regular routine. These products are used on deciduous, brood leaf, and evergreen trees for transplant and transportation, and all have had 100% success.

Our company often ships trees into Texas and Florida, which can be 5-7 days without water on a truck through different climates. With the use of this product, the trees arrive on-site to our customers in great condition and no dryness. At trade shows our product is featured in an enclosed building and left without water for multiple days.

By applying this product before we ship, our trees are showcased beautifully with no leaf drop and/or discoloration the entire time. We have harvested Quercus Lobatas (oak trees) in 100 degree temperature and applied this product and then shipped to our customer 90 days later.

We had no leaf shatter or shock as a result from the product usage. At Vecchio Trees, we have encouraged our clients to continue using Root-Drench and Moistur-Loc once it has arrived on-site. Our belief and success in this product has allowed us to further our business.

As part of our tree warranty, we have created a package that contains Root-Drench and Moisture-Loc in a ready-to-use application. Without the purchase of this package, we will not warranty our trees. Our success has proved that this product really does work.”

—Paul McCauley, General Manager, Vecchio Trees

Transported Trees Arrive in Great Shape, with Healthy Start

“Olivi Nursery is a California Nursery specializing in olive trees for landscape and agricultural industries. We provide a myriad of olive trees depending on what fits a project, terrain or landscape criteria.

Olivi Nursery ships thousands of young olive trees across the country annually. Our trees are sprayed with Moisturin prior to transport. This product has given our trees great advantage in arriving at their new location in great shape and providing them with a healthy start.”

—Umberto Chironi Lubelli, General Manager, Olivi Nursery, LLC