How Moisture-Loc Helps with Cloning Plants

Moisture-Loc Helps You Create a Replica of Your Best Performing Crops

A successful cloning system can do wonders for your plants by saving time, money and promising a consistent crop.

Begin with a healthy cutting, dip in your favorite growth hormone and then stick in your favorite growing medium. The final step is mist-spray with Moisture-Loc!

Benefits of Moisture-Loc

  • Reduces evaporation when cutting is removed from the mother plant
  • Reduces transplant shock when sticking cuttings or transplanting to larger growing environments
  • Provides a physical barrier to pest access
  • Drives more energy into rooting process
  • Ensures faster rooting
  • May eliminate need for propagation humidity domes or frequent misting
  • Won’t negatively affect gas exchange or photosynthesis when used as directed