Moisture-Loc: Water-Efficiency Product Protects and Cuts Water Loss

Moisture-Loc (formerly Moisturin) AntiTranspirantMoisture-Loc (formerly branded as Moisturin) plant protector is a foliar antitranspirant that forms a strong prophylactic membrane shield on leaves that significantly cuts water loss and lowers plant stress.

This formulation is a water-conserving, multi-purpose, clear liquid spray-on plant coating.

Water is becoming our most valuable resource, and people everywhere are focusing on water conservation now more than ever.  In addition, drought is becoming more common as the effects of climate change increase.

As a water-saving product, Moisture-Loc protects trees and plants from any type of stress, particularly lack of water. Mosture-Loc not only saves water, but its strong, permeable membrane also gently protects plants against:

  • Frost
  • Windburn
  • Pest access
  • Acid rain
  • UV degradation
  • Transplant shock

How Moisture-Loc Saves You Money

Water-conservation management with this product is a great way to prevent loss of moisture—not just in the field, but in transplanting, at harvest, and in storage and shipping.

Water-saver products like this also save money, too.

  • Reducing water use means lower irrigation costs.
  • Less irrigation helps lower labor costs.
  • Moisture-Loc’s protection against frost, windburn, pest access, acid rain, salt spray, air pollutants, UV degradation and transplant shock means lower losses, higher profits.

Benefits of Moisture-Loc (formerly Moisturin)

  • Easy to apply—just spray on.
  • Safe – not hazardous to workers who apply the spray.
  • Has no impact on groundwater.
  • Has no impact on soil.
  • Presents no phytotoxicity danger.
  • Does not negatively affect phytosynthesis or gas transfer.
  • Is non-ionic.
  • Won’t separate, making it less likely to clog a sprayer.

Water Conservation in Agriculture and Landscaping—A New Concept in Plant Protection

While there are other antitranspirants and antidesiccants on the market, Moisture-Loc excels because its chemistry is completely different from that of other foliar antitranspirants.

  • In its patented formula, the product contains a tough polymer adhesive with a highly efficient rate of vapor transmission. This means that whatever the dilution, this product is non-phytotoxic to plants.
  • Moisture-Loc’s slight gloss coating won’t clog sprayers the way other antitranspirants can.
  • Moisture-Loc’s formula includes a UV inhibitor, two high-grade surfactants and a waterproofing agent to ensure that the film won’t leach off plant surfaces.
  • Moisture-Loc is a highly effective frost protector.
  • Moisture-Loc, as both an antitranspirant AND antidesiccant, cuts water loss in dormant woody plants during harvest, transplanting, shipping and storage. It’ll extend the life and beauty of Christmas trees, too.
  • Moisture-Loc works well for roses, cane-berries, fruit trees and ornamentals. It’s particularly effective at protecting big-leaf evergreens against extreme cold.

Moisture-Loc (formerly Moisturin) protects plants.Additional Ways Moisture-Loc is Useful

  • Propagating cuttings of hardwoods and softwoods
  • Storing bulbs and tubers
  • Budding and grafting plants (apply to cuts to reduce moisture loss and help keep bugs and disease out)
  • Germinating seedlings (cuts water uptake and loss)
  • Whenever cutting water loss could benefit plant quality and survival

Quantities and Application

Moisture-Loc (formelry Moisturin) is available in the following sizes:

  • Quart RTU (Ready to Use)
  • One-Quart Concentrate—makes 2.5 gals RTU
  • One-Gallon Concentrate—makes 10-20 gals RTU
  • Five-Gallon Pail—makes 50-100 gals RTU
  • 55-Gallon Drum—makes 550-1,100 gals RTU
  • 275-Gallon Tote—makes 2,750-5,500 gals RTU

When Applying Moisture-Loc

Moisture-Loc can be applied by all types of sprayers, including backpack and boom and airblast field rigs. Full coverage is important, since most plants transpire on the underside of their leaves. Two separate sprays achieve better coverage than one.

The product should be applied and allowed to dry thoroughly (24 hours) prior to anticipated stress event, such as extreme temperature—heat or frost. About dilution:

  • A 10:1 dilution is recommended for best results. However, many growers have found that 20:1 dilution works well, and a 50:1 dilution rate can be effective, especially when Moisture-Loc (formerly Moisturin) is used as a spreader-sticker for other neutral Ph-based water-soluble chemicals.
  • Dilution rates above 50:1 are not recommended. Because it is a barrier product, higher dilutions decrease the solids making barrier (coating) products less effective.

Client Comments

“Olivi Nursery is a California Nursery specializing in olive trees for landscape and agricultural industries. We provide a myriad of olive trees depending on what fits a project, terrain or landscape criteria.

Olivi Nursery ships thousands of young olive trees across the country annually. Our trees are sprayed with Moisture-Loc (formerly Moisturin) prior to transport.

This product has given our trees great advantage in arriving at their new location in great shape and providing them with a healthy start.”

—Umberto Chironi Lubelli, General Manager, Olivi Nursery, LLC

“I used the Moisture-Loc product as directed in the fall one time, as our winter was not that hard this year. I am very happy with the results. My hollies look great, and I saved a lot of time not having to wrap the trees in burlap and use a ladder to do so.”

—Gary Freiberger, Holly Grower

Looking for the Moisture-Loc SDS (Safety Data Sheet) or Label?

Download them here.

Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Moisture-Loc

Download the Moisture-Loc Product Label

How to Remove Moisture-Loc from Non-Plant Surfaces

Moisture-Loc is a polymer-based product. If it dries on surfaces not intended, we recommended RPM Technology’s eOx AC for removal. Please see link below.

Visit the eOX AC product page on the RPM Technology website