Instant-Green Lawn Colorant Adds Beauty Without Watering

Instant-Green Lawn Colorant transforms dead, dry-looking lawn. Simply apply the product to your drought-stricken, underwatered grass and enjoy a fresh, green look for months!

Benefits Summary

  • Turns brown grass green on contact and stays locked on for up to 5 months
  • Is an effective anti-transpirant to reduce the watering needs of grass, evergreen trees and shrubs, even with limited watering
  • Is safe for children and pets
  • Is easy to apply and safe for the environment
  • Green color can be altered by modifying dilution rate
  • Greatly reduces the need for mowing and edging

Should be Used for…

  • Enhancing the appearance of live grass and create the “perfect lawn” look, even with limited watering.
  • Instant-Green can be used to color dormant grass, overseed and protect rolled or stacked sod prior, and during delivery
  • Perfect for eliminating unsightly lawn blemishes including: urine spots, hard water spots and dirt
  • Revives the appearance of dead or under-watered lawns and shrubs
  • Eliminates brown spots caused by dog urine and fertilizer burn
  • Reduces the need to water living grass by up to 30%

Looking for the Instant Green Product Label?

Download it here.

Download the Instant Green Product Label