Water Saving Plant Products for Farmers, Growers and Landscapers

If you’re a nursery, orchard or golf course manager, gardener or farmer, our agricultural water-saving products can make a significant difference. And, if water-saving landscaping is your goal, we can help with that, too.

At ConserveAwater, our mission is to help you reduce water use in plants, turf, trees and crops while enhancing their health, beauty and production. These products can also help protect against insect infestation and disease by preventing access.

Our tested and proven water-conservation plant products deliver a one-two punch to transpiration losses—both above and below ground. We distribute two different types of crop antitranspirants—Root-Drench and Moisture-Loc—that minimize drought impact on plants, trees, crops and grass. They reduce moisture loss through transpiration (essentially water evaporation from plant leaves) so you can cut water usage yet still have green, healthy, thriving plants.

Please note that the current products, “Moisture-Loc” and “Root-Drench” are re-branded from the original product names, “Moisturin” and “Root-Zone.” You may see some reference to the original names in our Blog or Test Results sections. The current products are identical to the original products, and have simply been re-branded and re-labeled.

ConserveAwater not only sells these products to large-scale users, but we also provide advice and consulting to help you keep your world green and healthy! Don’t let California’s worst drought in memory dry up your plant—or profits! Cope with our changing climate.

All ConserveAwater products are made in the USA and manufactured by Zorro Technologies, Inc., Clackamas, Oregon.

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