Coniferous and Deciduous Trees- Why so Different?

Yes, they look different, but what really makes conifers and deciduous trees so dissimilar?

The answer is: old age and a different DNA make-up! We’re talking ancient life here. I’m glad Moisty has leaves instead of needles, but I must admit conifer talk can even be sexy. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

According to Wikipedia conifers are, “any of various mostly needle-leaved or scale leaved, chiefly evergreen, cone-bearing gynospermous tree or shrub such as pines, spruce or furs.”

That’s right, your Christmas tree is a conifer! It’s no wonder why we think of hearth, love and happiness when we proudly display our tree in a place of honor in our homes. Little did you know it’s partially because your tree has stories to be told; stories of survival through the ages.

Conifers are most easily recognizable by their needle-like waxy leaves, which protect them against desiccation (or in our terms, dehydration). They’re survivors! Generally, conifers don’t lose there needles like deciduous plants lose their leaves. They’re bad-ass life forms.

Coniferous trees have dominated areas of the planet for hundreds of millions of years.

Conifers have also dominated major parts of the earth for hundreds of millions of years. They have seven times more genetic material then we do!

To examine these amazing trees, let’s look at the conifer’s cone. To fertilize ovum, the male cone releases pollen that is carried through the wind to the female cone. This is how they pollinate.

Since the conifer has been around much longer than we humans and than deciduous trees, they have grown to adapt to climate change and continue to propagate freely. See…sexy talk! Woodstock? Now we know where it got its name!

So why do we need to protect our conifers? Because in the “growing” industry, conifers are still susceptible to die-back from frost and disease. Conifers are still susceptible to the elements and to infestation. In a natural element only the strong survive, but let’s face it, most conifers grown for sale are not necessarily in their natural environment. They often need some help.

Our faithful mascot, Moisty respects and appreciates the growing industry like no ones business. But in this day in age a little protection goes along way.

So check out our Moisture-Loc product! It helped with the journey of our National Christmas Tree across the country for two years running. Conifers love our products.

So when you cut your next Christmas tree, pick one up at a lot, or want to grow them in your nursery or yard, don’t forget the conifer’s history, and remember to listen carefully for the stories they tell from times gone past. Respect the conifer- the ancient ones of us all.

Until next time, love your plants!