Successful Propagation of Cuttings or Seedlings Using Wellplant’s Plant Protection Products

Our products are ideal for successful propagation of cuttings or seedlings.


Customer testimonial:


I have been using Moisture-Loc for approximately 17 years as an anti-transparent. I spray all of our tissue culture in 2î band pots, just prior to transplanting.

This summer we sprayed Moisture-Loc on October Glory softwood cuttings, just after applying a rooting hormone. The leaves were allowed to dry and then the flats were put in misting tents for 4 weeks. When we removed the flats for acclimation, the cuttings sprayed with Moisture-Loc were very healthy with no losses.

This next year I will be treating all of our softwood cuttings with Moisture-Loc prior to putting in misting tents.

Shawn Nerison

Surface Nursery

Gresham, OR


Start with your chosen plant and clip off a cutting from the plant at a 45° angle. Cut carefully the leaf stem 1/8th to 1/4 inch away from the node. Trim bottom and ½ leaves (see photo #6 below).

Dip cuttings into a rooting compound of your choice.

Apply Moisture-Loc just after applying a rooting hormone

Spray thoroughly both underside and top side of foliage and allow to dry.

Insert into growing medium, making sure temperatures stay within 70 to 80 degrees.

Mist and water daily making sure of proper drainage and successful rooting. Cuttings need a good source of light.

Moisture-Loc will reduce water loss, wilt and stress.

Moisture-Loc is relatively odor free, easy to use and easy to clean up, with no phytotoxic (poisonous) affects to your plant.

Moisture-Loc dries as a clear barrier forming membrane on the plant surface and will also protect your delicate cuttings from insects and disease.

Moisture-Loc does not require REI (re-entry time) and dries as a clear barrier forming membrane on the plant surface.

Moisture-Loc is non-toxic to plants, the earth and you.

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TESTS FROM Steven C. Grossnickle, PH.D — CellFor Inc.

  1. Moisture-Loc Response

Conifer seedlings treated with the Moisture-Loc product just after being placed in Zone #3 and then exposed to a drying event. Seedlings had the following response:

Control seedling shoot systems dried rapidly after exposure to a drying event. This rapid drying continued beyond the point that seedlings had supposedly closed their stomata, indicating that these seedlings had yet developed a sufficient cuticle to avoid desiccating drought conditions.

The Moisture-Loc product was effective at reducing the water loss from miniplug seedlings. As the application concentration of Moisture-Loc was increased, there was a dramatic reduction in seedling water loss.

Moisture-Loc (12:100) = 86% of control seedlings

Moisture-Loc (20:100) = 71% of control seedlings

Moisture-Loc (30:100) = 43% of control seedlings

LeafShield (Another antitranspirant product that wax coats seedlings but has some toxicity effects on subsequent seedling performance.) applied at the recommended rate was nearly as effective as Moisture-Loc at a 30:100 concentration.

  1. Root-Drench Response

The Root-Drench treatments (applied once a week) were started after placing seedlings into Zone #3. A severe weather stress event was applied within 4 days after placement of seedlings into Zone #3 (i.e., exposure to extended drying over a long & hot summer weekend). Seedlings had the following response:

Immediate drought stress of seedlings in Zone #3 resulted in only 82% seedling survival (@2 weeks) in the control treatment.

The application of Root-Drench resulted in minimal mortality with the highest concentration resulting in 100% survival.

Three weeks after the application of the Zone #3 hardening treatment (and weekly applications of Root-Drench), seedlings were then given enough water to allow them to resume growth.

The continued application of Root-Drench resulted in an increased resumption of seedling shoot flush and root growth.

The two highest concentrations of Root-Drench resulted in 97% of seedlings having flushed their shoot systems with >90% of these seedlings showing new root growth.

Customer testimonial:

Marco Industries, Inc. Manufacturing & Distributing – Portland, Oregon

As you know we have been using Moisture-Loc under our own label for the past few years. We sell our product as a plant protector and anti-transpirant to improve the success rate of cuttings, clones and grafting.

Because our sales have doubled each year, we have to assume that the results are really impressive especially on softwood cuttings.

Thank you for supplying us with a wonderful product.

Gregg Thompson