Protect Roses from Winter Dessication

Many of you tried our Moisture-Loc product earlier this year to protect your roses against insects and disease and have gotten back to us with favorable results. If we had been able to start this year’s trial program before the onset of these problems, the results would have been even better.

Now for the really good news!

Protect Roses from Drought and Dessication

“I am in charge of a large Vintage Rose planting project in a 17-acre cemetery in Santa Rosa, California. To date, we have over 200 vintage roses growing throughout the wilderness of Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery, and in the next few months, we will be planting an additional 70 roses, which will bring the total rose count to 300.

I recently purchased a spray bottle of Moisture-Loc and applied it to 25 cemetery roses, which were struggling to stay alive in the relentless heat. AND I am quite pleased with the results. Most of the roses that were sprayed are now looking perky and actually have new growth.

Amazing. I am definitely a believer in Moisture-Loc!”

  1. Frary

“I was skeptic at first, but since you went through all the trouble to send me a sample i thought I would try it. I happen to have bought this rose on impulse because of the wonderful color. however, this rose (i won’t mention its name) had every rose disease on the block: terrible mildew, blackspot and rust. I applied moisturin 5 and lo and behold, the leaves started to look like normal, beautiful rose leaves, a shiny healthy green color and the buds started to appear and open up to beautiful roses that the picture had promised. all traces of mildew, blackspot and rust disappeared.

I thought if moisturin5 can do that to this miserable sample of a rose, it must really be great stuff and so I applied it to other, less challenged roses with good results.

I am so impressed with your product that I am going to do a little promotion for your product at our October Celebration of Roses meeting here in Santa Barabara.”

  1. Shurtleff

Santa Barbara

“Moisture-Loc has been helpful for our roses in reducing shock and protecting them from disease. Moisture-Loc was used in the early spring and was helpful in preventing insects and diseases. Moisture-Loc was applied before a heat wave and helped our ornamental plants adapt to the excessive heat.”

Dave Etcthepare, Manager

Dennis 7 Dees, Portland, Or

a.k.a. The Garden Doctor on KEX 1190

When we originally contacted rose growers we wanted them to focus on the way to protect their plants against insects and disease. What we didn’t mention was all the other and easy protections that come about with a single application of Moisture-Loc.

Here are some examples of additional ways to use Moisture-Loc that will let you grow and produce the best roses anyone has ever seen (the following examples have been used by large nursery growers around the world since Moisture-Loc was developed at Oregon State University in 1990).

Propagation (when plants are the most susceptible to stress)Cuttings: prior to setting into water or media; When transplanting young cuttings into a small pot; Prior to transplanting into a permanent location.

Grafting or trimming back canes in the spring. Apply to all cuts as a plant bandage.

Anytime you plant or are transplanting against shock.

Always apply prior to winter desiccation (woody plants lose up to 80% of their moisture during the winter months.)

Apply prior to all extreme weather events including extreme heat and frost

We believe that the above uses plus the advantages of Moisture-Loc as a completely safe substitute for fungicides, miticides and insecticides make it the single most effective product made for rose protection.

Because a single application offers so many protection it also becomes the least expensive way to protect your plants.

Give Moisture-Loc a try and see the results next spring.