Moisture-Loc Antitranspirant and Bare Root Storage

Probably the most effective use for Moisture-Loc is to apply it to bare root stock prior to winter storage.

Water loss during storage of bare root plants can be a serious problem. After plants are bare root harvested there is little or no moisture uptake through the root system. Plants will then start to suffer from a lack of sufficient water. This is called drought condition or water stress and it can severely impact the plants physiological process resulting in weaker plants that are then subject to disease and other deficiencies.

Many plants are so affected by this problem that they can lose as much as 80% of their available water during the storage period. This type of desiccation will manifest itself shortly after spring planting in the form of delayed bud break, higher die-back and death rate.

Another concern during winter storage is bacterial and fungal disease, both indoor and outdoors. Many growers that use indoor cold storage, spray water on the roots and tops of plants to reduce the amount of moisture the plants are using. This does offer some benefit but unfortunately it also increases humidity and creates a perfect environment for diseases.

Moisture-Loc offers a practical solution to these problems.



Moisture-Loc when sprayed on the plants (or used as a dip) encapsulates the plant in a prophylactic like clear film that when dry, keeps plant moisture in and diseases out. Moisture-Loc is completely safe and does not kill or repel anything. It just forms an impermeable barrier of protection.

Best of all Moisture-Loc does not affect the plants normal gas exchange process, and one application can protect plants for up to five months.

This may be hard to believe, but it is easy to prove.

We can supply confirmed data from published articles in scientific journals. We may even convince some northwest growers to confess the secrets of their success with Moisture-Loc.

However, what we really recommend is that you see for yourself. This fall try Moisture-Loc on some of your bare-root stock. Mark the Moisture-Loc treated plants and then monitor the difference between the treated and untreated plants.

This should include bud break and die back rates in the following spring. If your plants have been shipped to a retail grower or garden center ask them to verify results. Once they do, they will want all their bare root winter stock protected with Moisture-Loc.

You decide if Moisture-Loc is right for you.

Happy Storage