Willamette Valley- A Horticultural Oasis

I just returned from a three-day trip to the Willamette Valley in Oregon, an absolute must-see if you haven’t been there yet. Its rich soil and beautiful scenery produce some of the finest pinot noirs in the world.

The valley itself is home to over 250 wineries located between two mountain ranges, the low, ragged Coast Range and the majestic peaks of the Cascade Range just south of the growing metropolis of Portland.

This fertile region is actually where Moisture-Loc got its start and continues to be a sort-of home base for WellPlant.

My trip also included a short hop over to the east of Portland to visit Gresham, Sandy and Boring, Oregon. And believe me, there’s nothing boring about this area! It’s home to over 1500 nurseries in a very small, but very abundant, geographic area. The nurseries here are nestled in a green valley, highlighted by a backdrop of the gorgeous Mt. Hood. It’s truly breath-taking.

Surface Nursery Greenhouse

And just a side note: if you haven’t been to the Oregon Garden in Silverton OR, please do. stayed in fine style on the most beautiful garden grounds I’ve ever seen. And get this: I did their “Travel Zoo” promotion, including two nights in a gorgeous king suite with fireplace, extraordinary dinner, bottle of fine regional wine, full breakfast buffets, 50 minute (killer) deep tissue hot stone massage, access to the garden grounds and coupons for free wine tastings at four local wineries, all for $199. Oh, and I almost forgot– nightly music by wonderful local musicians in their cozy lounge.

Now don’t go there friends…I was working! But I’ll admit, I’m blessed to have this incredible job.

Sean at Surface NurseryBut the best part of this trip was that I was able to see nature and technology working in unison. These growing operations employ talented horticulturists and farm managers and have extremely friendly reception staff. Their bathrooms are even sparkling clean. I tend to drink too much coffee when travelling. I promise to exchange coffee beans for wheat grass very soon! Or…eventually…

I feel very fortunate to be able to call our local friends in the region every few months, including some of the top horticultural growers around. I was welcomed with kindness, enthusiasm and went on guided grand tours of nurseries like Carlton Plants, Blooming Nursery, Hines Horticultural, A&R Spada Farms, Glenn Walters Nursery, Surface Nursery and more.

I’d especially like to thank our friends at Wilbur-Ellis Woodburn. Jim and Steve McKay go way back with my pop and have been huge proponents of Moisture-Loc. An immense thank-you gentlemen.

Until next time…healthy growing.